Sponsorship & Advertising

The Hynes offers a variety of traditional and innovative advertising and sponsorship opportunities to boost exposure for your exhibitors and sponsors.

Activate Packages

Our Sponsorship & Advertising packages are linked to the space contracted for your event, but additional display options are available à la carte. To customize your advertising package, contact our sales team at sales@signatureboston.com.

Activate Plaza Level
Contracted Space
Halls AB & Rooms 101-111
Sponsorship Location
Plaza Level Pre-Function
Activate Level 2
Contracted Space
Halls CD & Auditorium, Rooms 200-210
Sponsorship Location
Second Level
Activate Level 3
Contracted Space
Ballroom & Rooms 300-313
Sponsorship Location
Third Level
Full Activation
Contracted Space
Halls ABCD & Ballroom, Auditorium, Rooms 302, 304, 306
Sponsorship Location
Full Building

À La Carte

Our À La Carte Menu is the ideal solution for events that want the flexibility to individually select sponsorship products. These products are ideal for groups with contracted space outside of the Activate Packages. Choose from the menu of products to fit your budget.

• Banners
• Column Wraps
• Digital Displays (non-MCCA displays)
• Floor Clings
• Free-Standing Signage/Meter Boards
• Gobos
• Guard Rail Clings/Panel Clings
• Sponsorship Activations/Pop-Up Installations
• Stair Clings
• Wall Graphics/Window Clings

John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center Media Brochure

View our complete media and sponsorship sales brochure for detailed information, guidelines, and specifications to take your event branding to the next level.

Our powerful platform of event marketing opportunities makes it easy to create rich, dynamic experiences for your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities at our convention centers,
email sales@SignatureBoston.com