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Celebrate Better in South Boston’s Many Craft Breweries

From some of the oldest operating craft breweries in the country to the fastest growing regional establishments, Boston’s craft beer scene is brewing (pun intended)! This week’s blog offers a glimpse into the craft breweries that have found a home in the ever growing South Boston Waterfront District.

A Guide to Boston’s Best Art Galleries and Museums near the BCEC & the Hynes

In Boston, first-class convention facilities meet a world of culture and entertainment to provide your attendees with a well-rounded and truly unforgettable experience. In this week’s blog we spotlight some of the oldest art galleries, as well as a selection of modern museums to explore by yourself or with a group – all of them in close proximity to our convention centers.

Uncovering the Story of the First Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from your Signature Boston Team! As many of us have been taught at school, the first Thanksgiving took place in Plymouth Massachusetts, less than an hour away from Boston. So, in this week’s blog, we’re going back in time to explore the origin of the holiday since it has so much to do with the history of our city.

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  1. Massachusetts Conference for Women

    • BCEC
    • Dec 11 - 12
    • 10600 Attendees
  2. CraftBoston Holiday

    • HYNES
    • Dec 13 - 15
    • 1000 Attendees
  3. Holiday Party

    • BCEC
    • Dec 13
    • 1000 Attendees
  4. Ebony Winter Gala

    • HYNES
    • Dec 13 - 14
    • 3500 Attendees
  5. Beacon Hill Staffing Group Annual Holiday Party 2019

    • BCEC
    • Dec 19
    • 1200 Attendees

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