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A New Virtual Tour of the BCEC & Boston

Today on the blog, we’re excited to share our brand-new virtual tour of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC) and Boston to help you decide whether we’re a good fit for your next event.

Boston Ranked Among the Three Best Large U.S. Cities

Last week, Condé Nast Traveler released its 33rd annual Reader’s Choice Awards where Boston ranked third among the best large cities in the U.S. after Washington D.C. (#2) and Chicago (#1).

Boston Common Visitor Center Reopens with a Reimagined Space

City officials and visitor industry leaders gathered at the Boston Common Visitor Information Center (VIC) on Wednesday, September 30 to celebrate the reopening and renovation of the Center.

Coming Soon…

  1. Berklee

    • HYNES
    • Jan 25 - May 7
  2. 42 Analytics Educational Inc. MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2021

    • BCEC
    • Mar 4 - 6
  3. SecureWorld Boston

    • HYNES
    • Mar 9 - 10
  4. New England Anime Society, Inc. Anime Boston 2021

    • HYNES
    • Apr 2 - 4
  5. Society of General Internal Medicine Annual Meeting 2021

    • HYNES
    • Apr 21 - 24

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