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The BCEC Invests $14M+ in New Capital Projects & Upgrades

Although the BCEC is not actively hosting events right now, we’re taking advantage of this window of time to advance a significant number of capital projects and update aimed at making the facility even more customer-friendly and efficient for future events.

Fun Water Activities to Add to Your Boston Bucket List

In this week’s blog we’re sharing some of our favorite water attractions to add to your summer bucket list. All of them are also social-distancing-friendly, either by default or due to restrictions put in place by the operators.

Take a Walk through History with Boston’s Most Notable Architecture

In this week’s blog written by our intern Marah Adams, a senior at at the Sawyer Business School of Suffolk University, we take you on a virtual tour of some of Boston’s must see architectural landmarks.

Coming Soon…

  1. Summer Outing 2020

    • LAWND
    • Aug 13
  2. New England Produce, Floral & Food Service

    • HYNES
    • Aug 26
  3. Robotics Summit & Expo and DeviceTalks Boston

    • HYNES
    • Sep 24 - 25
  4. Lieutenant & Captain In Basket

    • HYNES
    • Sep 25 - 26
  5. Court Office Entrance Exam

    • HYNES
    • Oct 3

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