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Boston is the Best Hospital City in the Nation and Second-Best in the World

Medbelle, a London and Berlin-based startup and the first ever “digital hospital”, recently published a study ranking the best hospital cities in the world. Boston ranked number one in the United States and number two worldwide, outranked only by Tokyo.

New England Charm and Maritime History Come Together in Boston’s Charlestown Neighborhood

Fall is the perfect time to take a stroll and explore the city, so in today’s post, we continue our series about Boston’s distinct neighborhoods with its oldest community: Charlestown.

Boston’s Hotel Building Boom Continues

2019 has been another busy year for Boston’s growing hotel market. Since the beginning of the year, there have been eleven new hotel openings, adding over 2,300 rooms to the city’s inventory. In this week’s blog, we share with you everything you need to know about the latest additions to Boston’s ever changing hotel landscape.

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  1. 7th Annual GA4GH Plenary Meeting

    • HYNES
    • Oct 19 - 23
    • 400 Attendees
  2. Association for Financial Professionals 2019 Annual Conference

    • BCEC
    • Oct 20 - 22
    • 7500 Attendees
  3. CarGurus Conference

    • HYNES
    • Oct 22 - 23
    • 500 Attendees
  4. Leading Edge Expositions Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition 2019

    • HYNES
    • Oct 24 - 26
    • 2000 Attendees
  5. MassChallenge: Final Ceremony 2019

    • BCEC
    • Oct 24
    • 1700 Attendees

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