Digital Client Services

Our Digital Media Team will help you develop and execute the branding and sponsorship strategy for you event. They will provide you with specifications, guidelines, and all the information you need to bring your vision to life.

Client Support

Our Digital Media Team will help guide and assist with every aspect of your digital branding needs. From concept to execution, the Team will help by introducing you to all options available for your event, and ensuring all content meets programming criteria. The Digital Media Team will help keep projects on track with content submission assistance, as well as testing and scheduling. When the time comes to display your content, on-site event programming support and additional coordination with our in-house design team makes sure your programming is run flawlessly.

Design Services

Our in-house design team will work with all aspects of your visual content. From complete design and animation, to support and troubleshooting for your content creation process, we’ll make sure your content closely aligns with your brand and vision. Our services include:

• 2D & 3D animation
• Storyboarding
• Creating simulation previews
• Design Q & A sessions
• Template walkthroughs
• On-site content previews
• Troubleshooting errors

Past Projects

International Association on the Study of Pain

The 17th World Congress on Pain was held in Boston in 2018, and the design team worked with event organizers to create a welcome banner that was displayed across the Video Wall throughout the entire event.

Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce

The GBCC held its 2019 annual conference with a celebration of the 25th anniversary of their Women’s Network. Our Digital Media Team helped showcase how the GBCC’s messaging would appear on the Marquee during the day and at night.

Advanced Clinical at DIA 2018

As a sponsor of DIA in 2018, Advanced Clinical utilized the visibility from the BCEC’s Video Wall to display brand messaging, booth location, and website information to attendees throughout the event.

Scholastic at ASCD 2018

During ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) 2018, the BCEC’s Digital Signage Network ran messaging from event sponsor Scholastic, highlighting their program as well as booth location information.


Email your Account Manager for all inquiries related to digital displays.

Creative Services

The Creative Services Team is here to bring your vision to life. They're ready to assist with everything from fine tuning visual elements to providing turnkey design services, and more.

  • Adam Giangregorio
    Adam Giangregorio Digital Media Creative Producer

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