We are committed to providing you with the best technology in the industry. At the Hynes, our IT backbone is like no other, and is supported by an award-winning team dedicated to your success. The only limit is your imagination!


IT Services

The Hynes provides the most advanced network services of any convention center in the world. Our award-winning staff of IT professionals will connect you with the technologies you need to bring your vision to life! We’re happy to provide you with full technology support, or accommodate your technology staff in our Guest Network Operation Center (GNOC).

Conference hall filled with attendees

Our Wi-Fi is Always Free!

Custom-designed Wi-Fi throughout the Hynes uses 252 access points and specially selected and tuned antennas (both directional and omni-directional) to deliver the best Wi-Fi of any convention center, period. The MCCA assembled a team of specialists on wireless technology, including the industry’s leading expert, Neil Reid. The network in the Hynes provides superior connectivity and performance up to 15,000 devices simultaneously, enough for events of all sizes even when taking into consideration that each attendee carries an average of 2.5 mobile devices.

A Robust Wired Network

Every Ethernet drop in both of our buildings carries at least a Gigabit of bandwidth, and every drop is available with VLAN support to isolate your sensitive network traffic. If a Gigabit isn’t enough, work with our team to connect your high-demand services directly to our buildings’ fiber optic backbone. More devices, more bandwidth, better security.

Dark Fiber Ring

A robust, 10 Gigabit, fully redundant dark fiber ring around Greater Boston provides real-time access to data rates up to 10 Gigabits per second. The network is fully scalable to rapidly accommodate future needs.

Digital Displays

The Hynes provides a powerful platform to create rich, dynamic branding and sponsorship opportunities for your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.

The Hynes has 21 networked LED displays ranging in size from 55 to 85 inches that are strategically located in heavily trafficked public spaces. The Digital Signage Network allows you, your exhibitors and your sponsors to reach attendees anywhere in the Hynes and can be used to display event schedules, sponsored content, educational videos, live feeds with sound, and more.


  • Unparalleled branding opportunity for sponsors and exhibitors
  • Engaging resources to showcase your brand, event details, floor plans, advertising, and entertainment

Learn more about our branding and sponsorship opportunities


From electrical services to plumbing, compressed air and more, our utility services are designed to support all aspects of your event, including every exhibitor and every service vendor.

Utility services at the Hynes are designed to support the needs of every exhibitor and service vendor. Utilities are conveniently accessed from floor boxes built into all exhibit halls, meeting rooms, ballroom, function, and registration areas. Our support staff is trained and ready to help with any utility needs of your exhibitors and service vendors.

Electrical Service

Electrical service includes 120v, 208v, and 480v, and single- and three-phase electrical service (of various amperages)–ranging from 5 to 400 amps–throughout the exhibit halls. They are available on 30’ x 30’ centers. The UPS power in the data center was recently upgraded.

Water, Drain, and Compressed Air Service

Compressed air, water, and drain service is available in most areas of the exhibit halls on 30’ x 60’ centers. Water and drain service includes lines with up to 1”–approximately 110 PSI–to fill and drain water and supply drain lines–up to 3”. The lines offer heavy load capabilities.

Audio Visual

We can provide one-stop A/V services. Get everything from translation support, audience response systems, webcast services, recording and playback, staging, and more, all in one place.

Conference hall filled with attendees

Sound System

All meeting rooms offer a wired microphone and a built-in sound system. Additional equipment is available based on your program needs, including wireless microphones, playback devices, and an upgraded sound system.


Access a central recording room for use by A/V and recording companies, allowing all meeting areas–meeting rooms, exhibit halls, and the ballroom–to be recorded from this location.

Rigging & Lighting

Our in-house rigging and lighting experts will help bring your vision to life with extensive capabilities and built-in hanging points throughout the Hynes.


JCALPRO offers package rigging solutions. Packages include all lifts, labor, and rigging equipment – cables, pipes and hardware – necessary to install and remove signs and banners. We also offer solutions for special rigging requirements. Or you can use your own General Service Contractor.


Lighting kits include a combination of Lekos, Source 4 Pars, and Par 64s – based on layout and design requirements. This option is especially suited for those with larger signs, multiple signs, and/or overhead lighting.