Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the key benefits/ROI of advertising and sponsorship opportunities at the BCEC and Hynes?

We help drive more visibility, engagement, and connections for you and your sponsors. Our impactful advertising and sponsorship opportunities generate a high number of impressions with attendees throughout your event. Each and every opportunity puts your sponsors front and center for branding and/or traffic builder purposes. We will work with you customize these opportunities to maximize investments for you and your sponsors.

Q. How do I secure a digital display and/or a wireless network package?

You will work with our Sponsorship Sales Manager who will help identify the right package for your event.

Q. Can I secure different amounts of time on the digital displays from day to day?

Yes, you can secure a different package for each day to coincide with your event needs.

Q. Can the displays be integrated into my sponsorship offerings? What if I don’t charge sponsors for signage?

If you have exhibitor and/or sponsorship opportunities, we encourage you to incorporate the digital displays into those offerings. There is no revenue share to the MCCA, so the displays can be a lucrative revenue generator.

Q. If I contract a ‘Broadcast 30’ package, how my content will be displayed?

Your show content will run for a total of 30 minutes each hour, from 6:00 am-11:00 pm, on the Marquee, Video Wall, and Digital Signage Network. Your content will be shuffled into a playlist with internal MCCA content for the other 30 minutes of each hour.

Q. Can I run different playlists from day-to-day or different content on different displays?

Yes, you can run different playlists for each day. We can also schedule content to run on different displays.

Q. Does the BCEC and Hynes have design services available?

Our Digital Media Design Team covers content creation needs for the entirety of the process, from design to execution. Should design, storyboarding, or animation be needed, pricing will be determined per project.

Q. What type of design software is needed to create content?

Content for the Marquee and Video Wall is created using specific templates with Adobe After Effects, Animate, Photoshop, or Premiere. For the Digital Signage Network, we accept: JPEG (preferred), PNG, MP4, and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Q. What is the due date for providing play-ready content to the BCEC or Hynes? What if my content is late?

All final play-ready content must be submitted to the Digital Media Accounts Manager at least 15 days before the event begins. Content received after the deadline will incur a 20% late fee of the contracted digital package rate.

Our powerful platform of event marketing opportunities makes it easy to create rich, dynamic experiences for your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.

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