The perfect fit.

Remarkable Results.

Known as a hub of innovation with a revolutionary spirit, Boston offers the perfect mix of history, invention, and hospitality to inspire your attendees and produce event results beyond your expectations.

Why Boston

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Accessible? By All Accounts

We make getting here from there a piece of cake, making Boston an international hub for both business and tourism. Due to the compact size of our city, our centers are just minutes from Boston’s Logan Airport and a short walk from subway stations.

Getting Around

Special Event Venues

Conference hall filled with attendees

Boston offers a variety of off-site cultural venues that will add a spark to your event! Start planning your visit now!

Off-site Venues

A City of International Appeal

Conference hall filled with attendees

Your visit to Boston doesn’t have to be all business. The Signature Boston experience will carry far beyond the doors of our convention centers. From sightseeing tours to shopping excursions, our city has plenty to offer you no matter your interests.

What to do