Exhibit Halls

Conference hall filled with attendees

The BCEC exhibit halls deliver spectacular flexibility with 516,000 square feet of contiguous, virtually column-free space. You can orient your exhibits East/West or North/South, with halls that can be set up in 10 different configurations. Ten unique entrances to the exhibit halls allow you to design traffic flow through your event. The space also features abundant natural light, greater ceiling heights, and all utilities in convenient floor boxes.


  • Free wireless Internet access
  • Access to anywhere in the building in 5 minutes or less
  • Utility access through in-floor boxes allows flexibility laying out the show floor (30-foot centers)
  • Loading docks and staging areas facilitate last-in, first-out exhibitors
  • Soundproof air walls prevent noise bleed and can be used to divide exhibit space into four controlled-access halls

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Exhibit Hall A

Conference hall filled with attendees
  • 170,000 square feet
  • Can accommodate over 15,400 attendees
  • Easy access to multiple registration areas, as well as the ballroom and Boardroom Suite

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Exhibit Hall B

Conference hall filled with attendees
  • 184,000 square feet
  • Reception capacity of 26,285 guests
  • The facility’s largest hall is centrally located and can be divided into two 92,000-square-foot halls

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Exhibit Hall C

Conference hall filled with attendees
  • 162,000 square feet
  • Banquet setup accommodates 10,800 attendees
  • Features abundant natural light and is directly adjacent to the facility’s 1,350 on-site parking spaces

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