Exhibitor Services

Our Exhibitor Services Team is an invaluable resource to assist your exhibitors with transforming their ideas into unforgettable events. We look forward to working together to help your exhibitors to achieve their most ambitious goals.

Our exhibitor services team is fully trained to help exhibitors decide what building services should be ordered and how to place and track those orders online.

Conference hall filled with attendees

We are the exclusive provider of the following services:

  • Food & beverage
  • Business center
  • Electrical
  • Telephone
  • Internet
  • Plumbing and the supply of compressed airs and gases
  • Use of the house sound system
  • Rigging
  • Operation of ground-supported crank-ups
  • Operation and provision of lifts for theatrical purposes

Flexible Labor Rules

Moving booth equipment in and out of a convention center can be stressful, but in Boston, our aim is to make the process smooth, with flexible labor rules that provide options for your set-up and break down.

Employees of an exhibitor firm may:

  • Load and unload a personal, company-owned, or rented vehicle so long as it does not exceed 24 feet in length.
  • Use hand-operated, non-mechanized equipment, including two-wheeled hand trucks and four-wheeled flat trucks, so long as this equipment is owned by the exhibiting company.
  • Pack and unpack company-owned displays and equipment.
  • Use hand-operated power tools to set-up and dismantle booths and equipment.
  • Plug in their own internet and electrical devices after the connections have been delivered by MCCA personnel.
Conference hall filled with attendees

Additional services such as professional labor and equipment can be purchased through the general service contractor prior to an event or onsite. Use of fork trucks, pallet jacks, and other mechanized equipment by exhibitors is prohibited.

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