Rental Housing Conference


This is a one day event for people in the real estate market who deal specifically with multi-family properties produced by the Rental Housing Association. The RHA was founded in 1953 and today, represents owners and managers of 100,000+ units across the state. The members of the RHA and attendees of this event own, manage, develop or supply goods and services to multi-family properties in MA.

Client Details

  • Organization: Rental Housing Association
  • Events: Rental Housing Conference
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Type: Conference

The Hynes Convention Center has been “home” to the Rental Housing Association’s annual Fall Conference and Exposition since October of 2003. During this time we have grown from 50 exhibitors to over 100. The number of attendees has increased from just over 200 to 700 industry leaders.

Such growth is attributable not only to quality programming, but also to the popularity of the venue with our exhibitors and attendees. From an event management standpoint, working with the Signature Boston team has always been positive, and easy. The facility is always well maintained, the building services ensure attendee comfort throughout the event, and multiple public transit and parking options make for easy accessibility.

Whether it is dealing with the in-house trades and security, contract vendors, or the Signature Boston sales and event management staff, we always feel our business matters to them.

John E. Lafferty, Executive Director,
Rental Housing Association, Greater Boston Real Estate Board