The Little Boston Invitational


An annual gymnastics tournament, hosted by Gymnastics & More Inc., based out of Woburn, MA. The Little Boston Invitational will take place over the course of three days. Gymnasts range in ages, from seven years old to college students.

Client Details

  • Organization: Gymnastics & More Inc.
  • Events: The Little Boston Invitational
  • Industry: Sports
  • Type: Annual Gymnastics Tournament

We came to the wonderful people at Signature Boston seeking to host a gymnastics invitational with over 2000 competitors, along with a NCAA Division I college meet. We needed to handle vendors, spectators, and the needs of gymnasts from 7 years old to college athletes. Hotels, transportation, food and beverage, and connections and support from Boston City officials were all handled seamlessly by Signature Boston. Live feeds of the competition, digital screens to assist spectators, and secondary support rooms for the event were no problem for this group of professionals.

Thank you Signature Boston!

Gymnastics & More Inc.