Loading Docks

Conference hall filled with attendees

The BCEC has 62 covered loading dock bays evenly distributed to serve each of the exhibit halls, plus a separate commercial access road and a protected overhang designed for all-weather activity. Five elephant doors allow large vehicles simultaneous drive-on access to the exhibit floor. 14 dock levelers accommodate all types of trucks and wheel sizes. The 45-foot wide indoor pre-fab area is ideal for booth preparation. There are also opportunities for on-site marshalling and boneyard capabilities.


  • Controlled temperature year-round to facilitate booth setup and construction
  • Best access: one-minute drive time from the highway to loading docks
  • Exhibitor-friendly labor rules allow all full-time employees to unload, assemble, dismantle, and pack–regardless of booth size
  • Drive-on floor access points for faster move-in, move-out

Loading Dock

Conference hall filled with attendees