Lost & Found

Did You Lose an Item?

If you lost an item at an event, click on the button below to complete the Lost Item Claim Form. Our online web form allows you to file a report and get a case ID for any lost item. If your lost item is a match with an item turned in we will contact you. To increase the chances of finding your lost item please attach a photo to the form of your item.


The MCCA Public Safety property claim area is located in our Command Center at the BCEC and the Hynes.


The Command Center is open for property claim during normal business hours which are Monday-Friday from 8am to 4pm and during all event times. You may arrange a pickup for your claimed item by calling the Command Center at 617-954-2222 (BCEC) or 617-954-2111 (Hynes).

Lost Item Claim Form

Click the box below to fill out the form. Fill in all appropriate fields and identify the specific event your item was lost at. Anyone claiming property must show a picture ID or driver’s license, and your case ID number located on your receipt.

Found items that go unclaimed with no obvious monetary or sentimental value will be held for 14 days. Property of an estimated value up to $250.00 with no obvious sentimental value will be held for 60 days. Properties of an estimated value of over $250.00, or with obvious sentimental value, will be kept for 1 year. If item(s) are not retrieved within these time frames, the item(s) will be purged from our property storage.