Digital Displays

Digital Displays at the BCEC and Hynes can help you engage with your audience by delivering up-to-the-minute event information, creating unique, memorable experiences, and enhancing your brand presence in our venues. You can also offer time to your exhibitors and sponsors on our state-of-the-art digital displays.

BCEC Marquee

Conference hall filled with attendees

Nearly 80-feet-tall and providing a display area of 3,000 square feet, the Marquee reaches a daily audience of more than 200,000 pedestrians and motorists, and is visible a half-mile away. It’s often the first thing to catch attendees’ attention as they approach the BCEC.

BCEC Video Wall

Conference hall filled with attendees

Spanning the central section of the north lobby, the 160-foot-wide Video Wall gives you 2,000 square feet of seamless, attention-grabbing video real estate – the perfect way to deliver a high-impact message to your attendees or dynamically showcase your exhibitors and sponsors.

Conference hall filled with attendees

BCEC & Hynes Digital Signage Network

An integrated network of Digital Displays at both the BCEC and Hynes gives you access to audiences across the facility to offer program content and advertising opportunities. At the BCEC your content can be coordinated with both the Marquee and the Video Wall.

From Digital Screens to Revenue Streams

Turn our Digital Displays into a revenue stream with a package that best suits your needs, or create a bundle from our a la carte menu (BCEC only). Packages are based on 15 minute increments (15, 30, 45) and you can use a single digital platform or any combination to create an advertising program that works for you. You can sell screen time to exhibitors and sponsors to enhance your revenue and profit - there is no revenue share, so the displays can be a lucrative revenue generator.

Conference hall filled with attendees

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