GBCVB Destination Services

When you partner with us, you also partner with the award-winning Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau (GBCVB). The GBCVB can save you valuable time and money in locating important city services for your event.

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Your GBCVB Destination Services Manager will:

  • Provide superior expertise and knowledge of the City of Boston and the surrounding area
  • Serve as your primary contact for sourcing and choosing the best value-added services for your event
  • Work with you pre-event and on-site to meet your destination requirements, including last minute requests for you, your exhibitors and your attendees
  • Access special event permits, if required

Lead Services Program

Your GBCVB Destination Services Manager is your single point of contact for city services, including RFP distribution and assembling competitive rates and preferred services from over 1,200 member companies and facilities.

View the 2018 Destination Directory Planner (DPD) for a detailed list of accommodations, meeting and exhibition facilities, attractions, and even a comprehensive list of member services.

Promotional Materials & Publications

Your GBCVB Destination Services Manager has a variety of additional promotional materials available to assist you in the promotion of any upcoming event or meeting, including photos, videos, maps, visitor guides for the City of Boston, and more.

To learn more about the award-winning services provided by the GBCVB, visit

For questions, email