Indoor GPS in use on a mobile phone

Captivate Your Attendees and Increase Impact with Our Branding & Sponsorship Opportunities!

At the BCEC and the Hynes, our award winning technology can be put to use to expand your event’s visibility, engage with attendees, and bolster revenue. Beginning today, you can view everything Signature Boston has to offer through our newly launched Branding and Sponsorship website.


  1. BCEC Gets a New Smart Kiosk to Foster Community Engagement, Mobility & Wayfinding

    The MCCA has partnered with Boston-based CIVIQ Smartscapes to deploy a smart kiosk with touch screen outside the Summer Street entrance to the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC). More than 225,000 attendees, pedestrians and vehicles travel in front of the BCEC on Summer Street each day.

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  2. Boston Named One of 22 Best Cities in the World for Tech

    Did you know? Boston is an international leader in the creation of high tech jobs. Not only are we a leader in software development, cloud, communications, big data, complex analytics, robotics, artificial intelligence, and security; but also in data-driven sectors such as healthcare, financial services, education, life sciences, consumer, and clean energy.

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  3. New Video! Digital Displays

    Today we share with you the fourth video of our Technology video series. The topic of this video is Digital Displays. Check it out and enjoy!

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