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The Ultimate Roundup of Boston’s Best Summer Activities

Summer in Boston is the perfect time to explore the city and dive into the many amazing outdoor activities that it offers! In this week’s blog, we give you a roundup of some the best things to do before, during, or after your summer event in Boston.


  1. Discover the Rich History and Picturesque Beaches of Massachusetts’ South Shore

    If you’re hosting an event in Boston during the summer months and looking for fresh ideas for post-event activities and extracurricular breaks, look no further than the South Shore of Massachusetts! This region is easily accessible via car, bus, train, and ferry and offers a plethora of activities, perfect for history buffs and nature lovers.

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  2. Beacon Hill – 105 Acres of Colonial Charm

    Today, we continue our series about Boston’s distinct neighborhoods with one of its most historic and picturesque areas: Beacon Hill. Its charm and character exudes from the hilly, narrow streets, brick sidewalks, gas lights, and beautifully adorned front doors. Beacon Hill has over 10,000 residents, who fill in every nook and cranny of this neighborhood, and give it a sense of community and familiarity.

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  3. 10 Non-Traditional Ways to Have Fun in Boston This Winter

    Winter in Boston is in full swing and that opens up a whole new world of fun things to do (many of which can only be enjoyed during this time of year)! Of course, you can never go wrong with traditional winter pastimes like skating on the Frog Pond and visiting the Museum of Fine Arts, but for those of you looking for something different, we’ve put together a fresh list of ideas on how to keep your event attendees entertained and energized during this special season.

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