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A Guide to Boston’s Best Art Galleries and Museums near the BCEC & the Hynes

In this week’s blog we spotlight some of the oldest art galleries, as well as a selection of modern museums to explore by yourself or with a group – all of them in close proximity to our convention centers.


  1. Unconventional Boston Restaurants & Sites Your Attendees Will Enjoy

    In this week’s blog we will take you off the beaten path to some of Boston’s unconventional restaurants and hidden gems that are guaranteed to spark a deep conversation and deliver interesting new experiences that your attendees will remember long after your Boston event is over.

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  2. The Ultimate Roundup of Boston’s Best Summer Activities

    Summer in Boston is the perfect time to explore the city and dive into the many amazing outdoor activities that it offers! In this week’s blog, we give you a roundup of some the best things to do before, during, or after your summer event in Boston.

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  3. Discover the Rich History and Picturesque Beaches of Massachusetts’ South Shore

    If you’re hosting an event in Boston during the summer months and looking for fresh ideas for post-event activities and extracurricular breaks, look no further than the South Shore of Massachusetts! This region is easily accessible via car, bus, train, and ferry and offers a plethora of activities, perfect for history buffs and nature lovers.

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