For our exclusive culinary partner, Levy Restaurants, it’s all about the food and the thousands of presentation details that surround it; ranging from locally-crafted fare and fusion cuisine mash-ups, to elegant culinary extravaganzas.

Conference hall filled with attendees

Menu Highlight

When we welcome thousands of video game enthusiasts each year for PAX East, the largest gaming convention on the East Coast, we know they are coming with appetites in tow. Each year, our chefs take on the challenge of creating special menu items to satiate the creative appetites of these hungry attendees. For the 2014 event, our chefs concocted the Ramen ‘TuPoBe’ Burger, made of turkey, pork and beef, a spicy Asian slaw, wanton noodles and sesame vinaigrette all sandwiched between a bun made solely of ramen noodles. It was a huge hit for this unique crowd. How can our chefs get inspired to break the mold with your event cuisine?

When your guests eat at the BCEC, they’ll receive a true taste of all that Massachusetts has to offer. More than 75% of the food served by Levy Restaurants is sourced locally. So when you fill up that second bowl of our delicious New England clam chowder, know that you’re experiencing the real thing!