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Meet the Signature Boston Team

Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA)

If you want to get more information about event services at a Boston convention center, please contact the MCCA. The MCCA owns and operates the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Center.


Boston Convention Marketing Center (BCMC)

If you want to book your event at a Boston convention center and/or set up a site visit, please contact the BCMC. The BCMC is responsible for the sales and marketing of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center and the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center. Call us toll free at 877-393-3393 or e-mail us to see why meeting planners worldwide are making Boston their #1 choice!



Fred Peterson

Interim Executive Director

MCCA 617-954-2459
Milt Herbert Executive Director BCMC 617-954-3330
Kenneth A. Sinkiewicz Deputy Director MCCA 617-954-2175
Maureen Shea Baker General Manager MCCA 617-954-2073
Johanna StorellaChief Strategy
Bob Pellegrini Vice President of Sales BCMC 617-954-3331
Michael Munn Chief of Staff/Dir. of New Business Development BCMC 617-867-8259
Kimberly Jewett Executive Assistant BCMC 617-954-3328



Signature Boston Sales Team

Mary Migre Senior Director, Sales & Industry Relations BCMC  617-954-3332
Bob Mollica

Director of National Accounts

BCMC  617-954-3339
Mary Choueiri Director of National Accounts BCMC  617-954-3338
Robert Redman Director of National Accounts BCMC  617-954-3336
Marisa Federico Director of National Accounts BCMC  617-954-3341
Dawn Muller Business Development Manager BCMC  617-954-3337
Michelle Hagerty Business Development Manager BCMC  617-954-3019
Jane Pritzker National Sales Manager BCMC  617-954-3335
Caitlin Nagle National Sales
Joe O'MalleyNational Sales
Carolyn Ross Sales Coordinator BCMC 617-954-3345
JoAnn Washington Director of Sales MCCA 617-954-2304
Rebecca Rieke Senior Sales Manager MCCA 617-954-2305
Melody Moore Sales Manager MCCA 617-954-2428
Odelisa Macedo Sales Administrative Assistant MCCA 617-954-2183
Chipper Hoffman Venue Products Manager MCCA 617-954-1155
Keivon Spencer Venue Products Manager MCCA 617-954-2037
Greg Zaralides Venue Products Manager MCCA 617-954-2295



Hotel Relations Team

Judy Sheng

Director, Hotel Relations & Services  BCMC  617-954-3334
Soozin Park Associate Director, Hotel Relations & Services  BCMC  617-954-3344
Phyllis Cheng Manager, Hotel Relations & Services  BCMC  617-954-3342



Communications and Marketing Team

Colleen Richards Powell Chief External Relations & Communications Officer MCCA  617-954-2296
Caryn IzharVice President of Convention Center
Katie Hauser Director of Communications MCCA  617-954-2325
Kathleen O'Bien Director of Marketing MCCA  617-954-2293
Stephanie Shalkoski Director of Advertising & Sponsorship MCCA  617-954-2289
Claire Dollander Associate Director of Digital Marketing BCMC  617-867-8225
Meaghan Kerins Marketing Projects Manager BCMC  617-867-8245
Christine McClearn Marketing Design Manager BCMC  617-867-8286
Stacy WhiteMarketing Events & Communications
Mary Guiney Executive Assistant BCMC  617-867-8237



Events Team  

Diane DiAntonio Director of Event Operations, BCEC MCCA 617-954-2308
Ed Bryan Director of Event Operations, Hynes MCCA 617-954-2071
Carol Gagnon Senior Event Services Manager MCCA 617-954-2033
Meredith Miller Senior Event Services Manager MCCA 617-954-2065
Kristen O'Malley Senior Event Services Manager MCCA 617-954-2026
Sarah Furtado Senior Event Services Manager MCCA 617-954-2238
Michelle Konnath Senior Event Services Manager MCCA 617-954-2257
Arthur Fritch Event Services Manager MCCA 617-954-2115
Evan W. Harwood Event Services Manager MCCA 617-954-2413 eharwood@SignatureBoston
Katie Hawkes Event Services Manager MCCA 617-954-2385
Katherine Howard Event Services Manager MCCA 617-954-2437
Sarah North Event Services Manager MCCA 617-954-2412
Joclynne Bynoe Event Services Manager MCCA 617-954-2446
Peter Simonelli Event Services Coordinator MCCA 617-954-2466
Alexandra Carver Event Services Coordinator MCCA 617-954-3314
Erica Smith Director of Guest & Exhibitor Services MCCA  617-954-2087
Christine O'Neil Exhibitor Services Manager MCCA 617-954-2810
Kerry Leahy Guest Services Manager MCCA 617-954-1157
Exhibitor Services Customer Service MCCA 617-954-2230



To view the MCCA's board of directors, please visit



Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau

Pat Moscaritolo President & CEO 617-867-8235
Cathy Doran Sr. Vice President Administration, Membership, & Marketing Programs 617-867-8219
Sandra Sarkissian Director of Finance 617-867-8246
Edee Snyder Vice President of Information Technology 617-867-8278
Beth Stehley Vice President of Convention Services & Sales 617-867-8236
Lisa Deveney Director of Convention Services 617-867-8216
Maggie Moyer Senior Housing & Convention Services Manager 617-867-8249
Kelley Tremblay Convention Services Manager 617-867-8230
Megan Amoroso Convention Services Coordinator 617-867-8261
Tim Ferullo Sales & Convention Assistant 617-867-8244
Maureen Buckley Director of Sales 617-867-8248
Stephanie Pappas Dir. of International Meetings & Sports Development 617-867-8222
Greg Power National Sales Manager 617-867-8260
Erin Halacy National Sales Manager 617-867-8242
Shannon Skoglund National Sales Manager 617-867-8271
Kelsey Kinton Sales Coordinator 617-867-8256
Stacy Shreffler Tourism Sales Manager 617-867-8203
Media Relations Media Relations 617-867-8226

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